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Throughout his creative career Eugen Doga had a busy concert schedule. With his concerts he traveled all over the territory of the former Soviet Union, and starting in 1972 he performed in some foreign countries as well.

  "The image of the person is defined by his deeds that ultimately benefit people and society. And the concerts that I give in Chisinau, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kursk or Bucharest, are aimed at precisely this idea of bringing people together, preserving the ideals that make people kinder, more tolerant, that make flowers bloom, and the sun shine brighter,"- says Eugen  Doga.

The most remote locations of his concert activity - Khabarovsk in the East, and Yakutsk in the north, Nonblack Soil Zone, central Russia, the Baltic republics and Central Asia. He also organized concerts and creative evenings in Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, China, Nicaragua, Cuba, Thailand, Romania, Serbia, Switzerland, Portugal, and Argentina. In addition to his concerts, the vinyl records with the music of Eugen Doga were released in Romania, Finland, Japan, Italy, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.

For many years there have been a number of concerts with his music performed by the Leningrad Concert Orchestra under the direction of A. Badkhen, with whom Eugen Doga worked closely. "...There were so many offenses because of Eugen Doga’s concerts; people just did not want to talk to me. They told me: "I have been asking you for three years, and you can’t arrange Eugen Doga’s concert." And I really couldn't, because he was very busy". -  Mikhail Murzak, philharmonic Director of Chisinau.

His music is also performed by: the Choir of Radio and Television of Moldova, the Film Orchestra, the Orchestra of the Bucharest Philharmonic of George Enescu, Moscow Chamber Orchestra "Vremena Goda", the Moldavian Philharmonic Orchestra named of Sergei Lunkevich, the Academic Grand Choir «Masters of Choral Singing", the Moscow City Symphony Orchestra "Russian Philharmonic", the Choir Capella "Doina", the Children's Choir "Lia Chokyrliya", the National Symphony Orchestra of the public company "Teleradio-Moldova" and the Academic Choir Capella "Moldova", the Presidential orchestra of the Republic of Moldova and the gymnastics club "Speranza" ...

The conductors - Sergey Skripka, Ion Joseph Pruner, George Mustya, Christian Florya, Alexander Samoila, Vladimir Bulakhov, Anatoly Badhen, Yuri Silant'ev, Dumitru Kyrchumaru and others. 

Eugen Doga concerts were held in the largest concert halls: the National Palace in Chisinau, the Palace of Congress, the State concert hall "Russia", the Column Hall of the House of Unions in Moscow, the concert hall "October" in St. Petersburg, the Palace "Ukraine" in Kiev, the Palace «National» in Chisinau, the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory, Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, Ateneul Roman, Lenin Palace in Tashkent, concert halls in Minsk, Novosibirsk, Saratov, and many other prestigious concert halls and venues with a number of outstanding singers and musicians were always full during his concerts. 

The largest concert halls in Chisinau, Moscow, Kiev, Leningrad, Bucharest, Minsk, Chelyabinsk were filled to capacity when E. Doga toured with his music and performers. For a whole week during sold out concerts in the Concert Hall "October" in Saint - Petersburg the music of E. Doga have been performed.

Even such a risky concert hall in Moscow as the Palace of Congress (today - the State Kremlin Palace) weathered sold out concerts for three days. With countless tours around the country with orchestras and small groups, with solo and group concerts E. Doga has acquired a spiritual space that is holding him and pulling him his life.

"In my life, my concert activity occupies an important place. Why is this important to me? I constantly narrow down my program to try and achieve a concentration of the most interesting works. These concerts give me an opportunity to play music that is not played elsewhere. For example, I write a lot of music for movies. It doesn’t sometimes sound in a movie at all, and sometimes it is in the background, but thanks to concert performances I am able to revive it and sometimes discover anew. In concerts, first of all, I test out my newly written music: is it good enough? After all, what is most surprising - every time, even for myself, it sounds different in different contexts, in front of different audiences. This is the best test for a composer. It is like holding an exam. It is like drawing a line under an experiment, personal experiences that have been acquired by you alone. After all, when you are in the process of writing – you don’t know what you wrote! You do not know until the audience with their applause will let you know – it was good or bad. A concert is both a confirmation in the eyes of your loyal followers and a conquest of new ones,"- says Eugen Doga.

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