Eugen Doga - 85
Concert - 1.03.2022.

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The official website of composer Eugen Doga.

The author of the famous waltz from the film "My Sweet and Tender Beast". His song "The White City" is the official anthem of Chisinau, the capital of Moldova.

The author of a great number of works - 3 ballets, opera, quartets, songs, lyrical songs, music for stage plays and more than 200 films.

The multiple award-winning academician of 8 Academies. The minor planet # 10504 was named after Eugen Doga.

"Love and romance are at the foundation of our whole being. We don’t always agree with this, we begin deviating to the left and right, but there is only one direction – towards the human soul".

Eugen Doga

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