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Theatrical music

Music brings people together,
music washes all the boundaries away,
real music begets good
Eugen Doga

The soundtrack of the film "Maria, Mirabella" directed by Ion Popescu-Gopo is a classic already. However, along with soundtracks Eugen Doga writes music for dramatic plays, TV and radio plays as well as for children. For ten years the composer had been cooperating with the Children's Department of the Central Television on TV-series "This Fantastic World" based on the books of such science fiction writers as R. Bradbury, A. Tolstoy, N. Hikmet and others.

Eugen Doga wrote music for "The Earth" stage play based on the play by I. Podolyanu, "And Underneath This Sky" - by A. Busuyok (The "National" theatre) (1970), "The Birds of Our Youth" – on the play by I. Drutse (the Maly Theatre, Moscow) (1972), "The Holy of Holies" – on the play by I. Drutse (The Central Theatre of the Soviet Army) (1976), "The Acquisition" – on the play by I. Drutse (Central Theatre of the Soviet Army) (1983); "The Zykovs"- based on the play by Maxim Gorky (1996) (Moscow Academic Art Theatre) and many other stage plays.

A significant event in composer ‘s life was writing music for opening and closing ceremony of the 1980 Olympic Games held in Moscow, as well as his first ballet "Luceafarul" in 1982, for which the Maestro was awarded The USSR State Prize.



Symphonic poem „Unirea cea Mare”, verses Nicolae Dabija, Ion Deaconescu. For soloists, choir, orchestra, ballet group.



Music for the stage-play «The Zykovs» (by A. Gorky)

M. Gorky Moscow Art Academic Theatre.



Music for the TV-play "The Ball-Throwing Skill" (by K. Bulychev)

Staged by V. Spiridonov.



Music for the stage-play "The White Horse is Not My Trouble"

Based on the novel by N. Solomko. Staged by V. Spiridonov.



Music for the stage-play "Acquisition" (by I. Drutse)



Music for the stage-play "The Chairman" (by D. Matkovski)

Music for the stage-play "The Holy of Holies" (by I. Drutse)



Music for the stage-play "Holy Week" (by I. Podoleanu)

Music for the stage-play "Enchanted Mace"



Music for the musical comedy "The End of the World" with 11 songs, lyrics by Y. Khaletsky (not finished).

The play was not staged.



Music for the stage-play "The Birds of Our Youth" (by I. Drutse) (The Moscow Maly Theatre)



Music for the musical comedy "Life is Beautiful" (by I. Podoleanu)

The song "I Believe Your Eyes" (lyrics by A. Podoleanu)



Music for the stage-play "The Earth" (by I. Podoleanu)


Music for the stage-play "And Underneath This Sky" (by A. Busuioc)


Music for the stage-play "The Adventures of a Firefly"



Music for the stage-play "Stefan Radu, the First and the Last" (by A. Busuioc)

Ballet "Luheafarul"

Music for the stage-play "Jassy Carnival" (by V. Alexandri)


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