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Prime Minister participates at creative evening of national composer. Government of the Republic of Moldova. 16.01.2019

Prime Minister, Pavel Filip, participated on 15 January evening at the creative evening of Eugen Doga.

The house of the artist opened its doors for all culture lovers. These ones reflected upon national values ​​and paid homage to the Morning star of Romanian poetry – Mihai Eminescu. "It was a wonderful end of the day. I have always said that I am a consumer of culture and I respect very much the ones which make it," said Prime Minister at the ceremony.

Also, Pavel Filip expressed the continued support of Government for development of culture, promoting it both in Moldova and abroad. An example of this is the inclusion of the waltz of Eugen Doga, recognised as the fourth musical masterpiece of the twentieth century, in the Representative List of the Immaterial Cultural Heritage of Humanity (UNESCO).

The creative evening at home of Eugen Doga has become a beautiful tradition. It is organised annually and brings together friends of the soul, students of artistic institutions, guild colleagues and emeritus artists.

Government  of the Republic of Moldova


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