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Great concert at Green theater. Over 6 500 people came to enjoy classic music. ENN Moldova. 2.07.2018


A great concert was organized at the Green Theater. Over 6 500 people who love the classic music gathered in the Center of the Capital to a great concert. Artists of the National Theater for Opera and Ballet attended the show.

People say that they came to the concert to forget about the daily routine and enjoy good music.

“We came here to enjoy Eugen Doga’s songs.”

“This is a great concert and I am glad that I came here.”

The artists say that such concerts should be organized more often.

“I want people to come and watch this beauty”, said Eugen Doga, composer.

“The stage is great. It is a pleasure for us to have such a great audience”, said Valentina Nafornita, soprano.

“It is a great feeling when 6 500 people came to enjoy your music”, said Vitalie Advahov, instrumentalist.

The money gathered after the concert will be used to renovate the summer theater.

“We have already made a tranche worth 20 thousand lei for the Green theater. These days we will decide on our further actions”, said Veronica Cheltuiala, organizer.

The Green Theater was buit in 1967 and has 7 500 places.

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