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Day of Romanian Journalists: AIPS Executive Member Emanuel Fantaneanu receives prestigious "Trophy of Excellence". Association Internationale De La Presse Sportive. 1.07.2018

Day of Romanian Journalists: AIPS Executive Member Emanuel Fantaneanu receives prestigious "Trophy of Excellence"
Emanuel Fantaneanu (left), AIPS EC Member receives the "Trophy of Excellence" from Doru Dinu Glavan (right) President of the Union of Professional Journalists of Romania. (Photo by Ioan Valentin)
by Ioan Valentin, AIPS Member
BUCHAREST, July 1, 2018. 185 years have passed. On June 28, 1883 the Romanian World Press and the Romanian Culture held an event of very great importance, with great resonance to last forever. 

History - Poet and journalist Mihai Eminescu - the most famous and influential Romanian poet in history, the godfather of the modern Romanian language - was hospitalized in the nervous diseases hospice and declared insane. On the same morning of June 28, he published in the newspaper "Time" - the most important newspaper at the time - an article about freedom of the press. 

After a century, this day was chosen by the Union of Professional Journalists of Romania (UZPR) as “Day of Romanian Journalists” and is being celebrated with an exceptional kingliness and content event. 

Honour - This special celebration - which took place in the ” Brancusi Hall” (symbol name for universal culture) of the Romanian Parliament – was the moment to appreciate and honour the hard work of journalists who are consistent and durable and also give impetus to younger journalists to show commitment in their chosen profession.

At the same time, this year’s Gala marked an important moment in the history of the Union of Professional Journalists of Romania. A “Trophy of Excellence” was awarded for the first time, and this honour went to one of the most renowned journalists and authors of Romanian sport journalism, Emanuel Fantaneanu, who has been a member of the AIPS Executive Committee since 2005, and a member of the ”Order of journalists” with ”Golden Pin”. He received the prestigious trophy for a 50-year journalistic career with “respect to Romanian sport, its promotion in the world, the journalistic quality career and for his last book, the encyclopedic volume ‘Inscriptions on the Column of Romanian Gymnastics’, the last of a longer series of books.”

Beautiful creators - Doru Dinu Glăvan, President of Union of Professional Journalists of Romania, former radio sports journalist and AIPS member declared, “Sport is, beyond the competition scene, a huge source of inspiration. It is why sport has been and is still present in the history of society, in great masterpieces of literature and visual art. And the art of writing is not just ‘writers land’, but also of journalists - sport journalists are no exception - and the examples are numerous in the Romanian press and worldwide. In our view, an argument is the half-century activity of colleague Emanuel Fântâneanu, who has a very rich record; some of his books are references in the Romanian (and more) sports bibliography. Happy coincidence, but this sign of appreciation marks also the International Day of Sports Journalist, what is important to us.” 

Emanuel Fantaneanu said, “It is a trophy of special value that demonstrates that sports journalists can be (and are) beautiful creators, with the source of inspiration from sport, can be inspired historians and encyclopedist of this phenomenon which has a global reach and a huge influence in society.”

A gala of values - It was a gala of the values of the Romanian press and among those present were the great names of the press, writers, musicians, painters and diplomats. They include; Nicolae Dan Fruntelată, Neagu Udroiu, Adrian Vasilescu, Valentin Uban, Firiţă Carp, Mrs. Ambassador Iulia Gorea-Costin, Ion Andreiţă, Dan Constantin, Mihai Stan, Nicolae Rotaru, Ioan C. Popa, Nicolae Danciu Petniceanu, academician Gheorghe Păun, Claudia Partole (Chişinău), Ana Maria Păunescu and Andrei Păunescu (children of a former poet Adrian Paunescu), Ion C. Rogojan, professor dr. Florin Cristian Gheorghe şi dr. Tiberiu Stircu, academician Nicolae Dabija (Chişinău), Marian Nencescu, Miron Manega, professor dr.Nicolae Georgescu, Elian Băcilă, Maria Evelyne Croitoru and more.

Eugen Doga - The Gala organized by the Union of Professional Journalists of Romania ended at the highest level with the presence and recital offered of renowned composer of Moldova, Eugen Doga, who is considered a genius and one of the most romantic composers. Doga is also included on the list of the twenty best and most frequently performed composers of the twentieth century. He is the author of the music for the Opening and Closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games in 1980 in Moscow.

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