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Music of master Eugen Doga performed in North America. TRM. 17.08.2015

The first concerts under the Romanian Language Festival were held in Montreal and Ottawa (Canada) and a great concert for music lovers in New York (USA) will be organized on Tuesday, August 18, Mesager reports.
Both performances began with the anthem of Chisinau, performed by Eugen Doga and master Vasile Iovu. Artists performed other valuable creations signed by our great composer Eugen Doga and Romanian folk songs.

Before departure, the protagonists longed for the first Festival of Romanian Language.

"It is an extraordinary event for our Romanian and Moldovan citizens living abroad ", said Eugen Doga.

According to information about the event, this Festival with the participation of guests from the Republic of Moldova got together Romanian, Russian, French diasporas, people who know and appreciate Doga's creation.

"It's a historic event, Eugen Doga performs for the  first time in North America. His music became known abroad in 70’s and the US President, Ronald Reagan called his waltz -" the creation of the XXth century", said Luminita Dumbraveanu, director of  "Flacara Film".

"We have a unique formula, Doga playing the piano or harmonica, I will play the panpipe without big orchestras, live. It is something new, we have never sang like this on the American continent", said the artist of the nation Vasile Iovu.

Both performances from Montreal and Ottawa ended in Dance of Friendship and Dance of Unification . "Let's hear these songs and let us dance hora unirii (dance of unification) now, come to our concerts ", said the master.  

This event is backed by the Romanian Culture Institute in Bucharest.


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